summer bikinis

May 112012

Summer is approaching fast.  The last time I looked at the calendar, I had months before summertime.  Well, now it’s here and you know what that means..the beach, the pool and of course swimming parties.  Yes, we’re ready to go!  Now all I need is to find the right bathing suit.  Got to look good..OK..what happened from last summer to now?  These suits are not doing me justice.  I told myself to lay off those cupcakes, candy, any and all sweets (boy, wish I had a one right now).  Anyway, I can fix this.  Just add some more time to the fitness routine.  Right?  If you are thinking the same thoughts as me, let me help you out.  Look what I found –  Bikini Boot Camps.  That’s right – and there is one near you.  The list is in Lucky Magazine March 2012 issue (go to the online issue).  A little late, but still right on time!


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