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Jun 052012

The conventional wisdom with marketing messages is to keep it simple. The simpler the message the easier it is for your audience to understand and to complete the “action” required. The “action” can be buy now, read this or subscribe now!  Today, the marketing message has taken a new twist.  We are now seeing a story being told that links directly to the product. It makes the product personal, and that helps the audience identify or see themselves using the product.  In addition, it creates an emotional tie, hence brand loyalty.

So, what are the keys to a marketing message?

  1. Keep it simple. Focus on the key attributes of the product. Deliver the features and benefits statement.
  2. Call to action. Tell the audience what you want them to do or say to engage with the product.
  3. Create an emotional relationship. Paint the picture of how the product impacts daily life activities or show/ create an individual story that is very similar to the product target audience. They need to see themselves doing, saying or sharing the experiences of the character in the story.


I have to share with you an awesome video that demonstrates the keep it simple message. In the video, we learn about Buddy Media (the product), the CEO Michael Lazerow’s story (the emotional relationship) and the “action” Michael wants you to take. This is brilliant on all levels, but most of all it teaches an invaluable life lesson. It only takes 20 seconds of insane courage to change your story and to change your life!!


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May 242012

We live in a branded world.  It’s every where we go and plays a role in the decisions we make and even how we talk.  For example, when we think about social media, the images and names of Twitter, YouTube, and now Pinterest, immediately come to mind.  What about in the business world, like when you need to send a package.  Instead of saying I need to send this package to…the words you say are “I need to Fed-Ex this package to…”.  Now, I can’t leave out when you’re at home.  How about when the family is going to get something to eat.  Your kids don’t ask to go get a hamburger and fries, they ask you to take them to McDonald’s.  Why is that?  These companies have strong branding messages tied to their products.  The messaging brings out emotions.  You feel a certain way when you hear, see or read about the product or company.  Those feelings determine your buying or use decisions.  So, as I was pondering what to have for my afternoon snack (chips or cookies from the vending machine), a few key points came to mind for branding yourself or your product:

  1.  Stay true to your brand.  Once you present yourself or product messages to your audience, don’t try to change mid-stream.  Your core audience will stay with you, share their experiences and bring new buyers.
  2. Ask your audience what matters to them.  What may be important to you or the company may not be what the audience is looking for.  Asking your audience what their needs are will build trust and provides an opportunity to deliver. 
  3. Protect the brand messages.  Be responsive to your audience feedback.  You and /or your product’s reputation speaks volumes. 
  4. Bring the best to the product.  Always over deliver on your branding messages.  It’s like a reward to the audience.  You should always ask yourself  “what else can I or my product do?” or “what would I want from this product?”  The questions will keep you focused on the audience. 



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