Manage or Lead

May 212012

My experience includes a combination of over 15 years in sales, sales management and marketing.  I have worked in medium to large corporations.  What I have learned over those years, in each role, is that individuals want to be good at what they do.  It’s just that simple.  People think that individuals are motivated by the rewards of what their success will bring – money, recognition or promotions.  When in reality, knowing that you are doing a good job makes you work even harder.  So, as a leader, how do you start and keep your team working hard?   

Allow everyone to use and showcase their inherent strengths, that is what makes them unique and will allow them to succeed every time.  Then, you continue to reinforce the use of those individual strengths and behaviors.  All the background noise about identifying areas for individuals to improve and focusing your attention only on those areas is a distraction.  While you’re trying to make someone “better”, their strengths are being ignored.  Lead your team by allowing them to be leaders.  They want to show you what they can do and will amaze you with what they will accomplish!


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