May 072012

I went out for lunch today at my regular spot – Quizno’s.  They have this Harvest Chicken Salad (without pumpkin seeds) that is perfect for lunch.  I have been there several times and have ordered the same salad.  The owner recognizes me and always makes it a point to say hello.  Like Norm from the show Cheers – Hi Norm! ( did I just date myself?!).  Anyway, today the owners showed outstanding customer service.  When I walked in the door, the owners were already making my salad and had everything ready to go.  How did they do that??  They did’nt know I was coming, I did’nt call in my order and I don’t have lunch there everyday.  The only explanation I can think of is that they saw me get out of my car in the parking lot and started on my order before I could get in the door.  NICE!  So for going the extra mile for me today, when making my decision on where to  go to lunch, Quizno’s will be first every time!  SHOUT OUT!

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