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May 172012

We like to keep up with all the beauty products, make-up products and of course, fashion trends. But there are so many products to choose from and constant changes from day to day, it tends to get overwhelming. Who has time to look at everything?! Just give us the basic, simple tips and tricks and we can run with it from there. We thought you may be in the same situation.. so we have a solution for you. Our Glitz and Glam page is for our Beauty Junkies that want the latest glimpse of what’s hot or not in the world of beauty. The featured newspaper The Global Beauty Daily is delivered to you every day to keep you “in the know”.

Guess what – we have a added surprise for you. We found out that Lucky! magazine is giving away a car!! Check out their Fashion Cab Confessions episode on our Glitz and Glam page. It’s full of shopping tips. What else could you ask for? Oh, by the way if you win – we want a ride in the new car.  I have dibs on the front seat – Yeah!!

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