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May 152012

When it comes to bullying, awareness is the key and action is mandatory.  We have seen a lot of advertising and awareness campaigns regarding bullying whether it is in our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces or even at home. There are several awareness campaigns to educate us on what we can do or what actions to take. The campaign that really caught our attention is the ‘Safe Space Kit’ Campaign that asks all of us to ‘Be an Ally’. The campaign asserts that all students, including LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) youth deserve a place to learn which is free from bullying and harassment. With a $20.00 donation, you can send a Safe Space Kit to any school of your choice. The kit contains a 42-page Guide to Being an Ally to LGBT Students that gives concrete strategies for supporting LGBT students, 10 safe space stickers and 2 posters. The materials provide information with the intent and desire to raise awareness in schools about the rights of all students and the need to allow LGBT youth to learn and thrive in a safe environment. Whether it is for your child, your neighbor or a stranger, let’s raise the awareness and take action to help stop bullying.


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