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20 Friendship Books

When in need, we always look for a friend to talk to.  Now each friendship meets a different need through different stages of your life.  You have your BFF (no matter what!), your childhood friend, your college friend, your marriage friend, your  “we have the same age kids” friend and your divorce friend…  It doesn’t matter which friend it is, they are all important to you.  Let me share with you a collection of books about friendship.  Let me know which one you like best.



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This is our collection of original writings that we would like to share. We admire the written, spoken word and believe it is the sincerest form of expression. Let’s share our expressions…here together.

Love’s Flight

Fly, fly away with me
Let us escape to places where only you and I exist
Let us travel to places and time
Leaving traces of our shared love
So that all will know, that true passion can and will
Survive and thrive
Will full intent on giving more and more each day
Showing the last, just how full and complete the next will be
That love can be
When given with reckless abandon, the ecstasy of hearts and minds sharing
Love in all forms and fashion
To the point of silence having the ability to carry on it’s own conversation
Whisper sweet nothings, darling
Whisper them loudly
Show them physically
Feel them emotionally
Give them freely, but wait…
Allow me to give first, so that you know just how good it can be
And let us start with


The disappointment you see
In my eyes is not a reflection
Of you or your behavior –
The disappointment you feel
Coming from me is but
An inaccurate perception
Of whom I wanted you to be…

My disappointment comes
as a result of…
My needing you to fulfill me
When all the time
From the moment I met you and
You showed me who you are
I knew you never could
Or even had the ability to…
I’ve always known – I simple chose not to see it

When you showed me you
I said to you, and you believed,
“I accept you exactly as you are.”
When really what I should have said was,
“I accept you for who I am creating and need you to be.”

I apologize to us both
For my misplaced
Sense of self and need
On you – by and for me

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