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The Global Beauty Daily newspaper is hot of the presses!  This is for the ladies that want to be “in the know” with all the latest beauty tips and tricks.  Go grab your makeup bag, mirror and sit down in the room with the best lighting – it’s time to look fabulous!  Published by Curvatude.

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3 Trends to Try for Fall

Let’s take a look at 3 Trends for the fall.  You can try one or all three.  Take your pick.



Fall Fashion Accessories

You don’t have to run to the stores to update your closet for fall (unless you really want to).  There are a few accessory items that will get you ready for the season.  MORE calls them the Five Fashion Must-Haves.  What do you think?


Fall Shoe Porn

It’s that time of year, the wind is chilly, the leaves are turning colors and sandals are in the closet.  So, what do we have in store for fall season?  There is a collection of shoe beauties waiting for you.  Lucky Magazine has compiled a collection that will make your mouth or feet water.  Take a peek…


Beauty Secrets

We color our hair, but does’nt everybody?  From the hair color product commercials, we don’t think we’re the only ones doing it.  One thing we do know is that it’s hard to keep that color looking awesome.  From color sticks to going to the salon for a full blown touch-up, it’s time consuming to keep that color looking fabulous.  With all that time investment, make it last.  We have a top ten list of tips to do just that.  This is our FIRST top 10!  Courtesy of Clayton Lee, Bumble and Bumble Lead Color Educator

1.  The sun fades hair color ( hats and shade ladies)

2.  Don’t forget the brows (keep the look consistent)

3.  Don’t over-highlight ( what color is that?!)

4.  Do deep treatments weekly ( or more if you can – read our blog while you wait)

5.  Shampoo less ( why is my hair so brittle?)

6.  Go opposite your skin color (don’t let the color fade – you want it to POP!)

7.  Watch the bleach ( did you know that you left a piece of your hair in the chair?)

8.  Address the roots and ends separately ( two tone hair color – starting a trend are you?)

9.  Take a cold shower for shine ( we know.. but make it quick)

10.  Get creative to disguise roots ( where is my color stick…no it’s not a crayon!)



Show off those LEGS

The cold months meant bundling up to stay warm and cozy.  Now, summer is here!  It’s skirts, dresses and shorts time.  Ready to show some LEG?   Here is a round up of products (not recommended in any manner and this is not a product endorsement) that will make the dreaded chore of shaving and looking BEAUTIFUL easy.

Gillette Venis & Olay Ultra Hydrating Razor (no knicks and cuts – who wants band-aids on their legs?)

Schick Xtreme3Eco  – friendly disposable razor ( looking good and saving the environment)

Mrs. Whites Legs Eleven – moisturizer (smooth baby – don’t touch, just look)

European Wax Center – post waxing exfoliate ( where’s the sun?  I want to see my legs shine)

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm – balm (a dollop a day will keep the ash away)

Kate Logan Beauty Brazilian Leg Gloss – gloss (I told you to put your sunglasses on!  It’s not my fault you can’t see)


Party Time

Now that your looking fabulous, it’s time to have a few friends over.  What a great way to celebrate summer!  A party with all the fixings.. food and drinks.  So, to get you in the swing of things, here’s a tip for a appetizer and summer cocktail. Where’s our invitation!!





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