What Drives You

May 252012

We all have drive.  We “will” ourselves to do things.  The word linked to that “will” is motivation.  Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it’s getting a glass of water when were thirsty or reading a book to learn.  With that in mind, motivation is unique to each individual, like a fingerprint.  How do we keep motivated?  Some days are harder than others, but here are a few thoughts.

1.  Define your goals.  What is it that you want? 

2.  Track your milestones.  Every inch you crawl or step you take should be documented.  It shows how far you’ve come.

3.  Celebrate every win or moment.  Even the smallest triumphs are just that – triumphs.

4.  Have a “pusher”!  What’s a pusher?  Someone that is there when you need guidance.  Not someone that is a cheerleader for everything you do.  This individual will tell you how it is and ask you “so what are you going to do now?”

With the London 2012 Olympic Games approaching (July 27-August 12), I thought it would be fitting to show you a moment from the Barcelona 92 games.  Get up and keep going!  Derek did!


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