What are you reading?

Jun 082012

Summer means a lot of things – vacations, barbeques and extra time for your favorite book!  I love to read.  As a child, I would visit the library every Saturday.  Check out as many books as possible and have them all done by Sunday night!  But as I started college, a career and family, the only books I made time for was what was “required” reading.  Books with a focus on my career choice or on being a parent.  Now these books are great choices, but what I want to do is expand my horizons though all genres of book titles.   I read a quote that says, “Unless you read different points of view, your mind will eventually close and you’ll become a prisoner to a certain point of view that you will never question.” 

So now, I am asking for your recommendations on awesome books for my summer read time!  What books should I make sure are packed in my suitcase or sitting on my lawn chair?  All book titles are welcome (do I have to put a disclaimer here – I know you won’t lead me down the wrong path)! For inspiration, there is a list of books on our Poetry and Prose page. But I want MORE!

Place your book title in the comment section or tweet me with the hashtag #summerread.  This way it will be shared with everyone.  Let’s create a library full of summer reads!  I can’t wait to get your book title!


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