Sunday Fun

Jun 172012

It’s time for our Sunday laugh.  We’re going to have some fun today!  Let’s talk about technology.  Technology, technology – I just love it.  Where would we be without all the advances technology has made in our lives?  There were things that were staples in life, like writing on the blackboard in school or hearing the phone ring at home ( I mean a phone with a long cord hanging on the kitchen wall) that no longer exist today.   How about when we interact with people?  It was customary to call someone on the phone or go out to meet with someone.  Now, you don’t even have to leave your house to have a conversation, it can be done via video, email or text.  I can see and hear you just fine in my office through my computer or phone screen.  It’s not what it used to be – it’s all in what you make it.  Good or bad, love it or hate it, it’s fun to see it in action!


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