Social Entrepreneurs

Jun 162012

What is change? For many, change is a disruption in the normal course of things or a new way that is different from what one is used to doing, seeing or saying. Change leads individuals to view the future as imponderable – something that cannot be precisely determined or measured.

What does it take to make a change? This question is debated every day. Whether the change is monumental or small, what is required is a movement or a shift in the “usual” way of thinking. Now, what if the change impacted not just one but hundreds, thousands, or millions of lives for the better? That is social change and that’s the goal of today’s social entrepreneurs: create a vehicle to improve how we live today and in the future. Social entrepreneurs are passionate about making a difference and empowering others to do the same.

One non-profit that exemplifies social change is  

Their big idea is to create a platform that mobilizes teens to effect social change. Issues range from recycling to teaching senior citizens how to use the Internet to bullying.  How does it work? Dosomething creates campaigns that don’t require money, an adult or a car. DoSomething empowers teenagers to help others. Last year, DoSomething inspired 2.4 million teens to get involved with social change campaigns, and the team hopes to have 5 million active members by 2015.  Teens using social media for social change – brilliant!

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