Female or Male Superhero

Jun 022012

If you were being rescued, would it matter to you if it was by a female or male superhero?  Do you think they would save you differently?   What’s interesting is that right at that moment, you just want to be rescued.  By whom is irrelevant!

Let’s take that same thought, female vs. male, to the workplace.  Does it matter to you if your boss is female or male?  Would you discuss your work performance or establish a relationship differently with a female or male? 

I recognize that females and males operate and communicate differently.  That difference doesn’t mean that one will perform better in their position or careers.   That will be based on their individual skill set, drive and motivation.  The working relationship that you will have with a female or male co-worker or boss is up to you.  Remember, we have more in common that not – we all eat, drink and have to sit down to put on a skirt or a pair of pants. 

So the next time someone asks you do you want to be lead by or work with a female or male, just picture a superhero cape and you pick the color!




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