Circus Act

May 152012

Hey, did you know that the circus is in town?!  I can get you tickets because I am one of the featured acts.  I juggle for a living.  That’s right – I’m a juggler.  Let me share with you how I trained for the circus.  My typical training day starts with six “mandatory” meetings at work, 78 emails waiting for me when I return to my desk, two practices for my two kids (inevitably in polar opposite locations), a room full of laundry and please don’t let me forget, umm what was that again…I’m forgetting something..oh yeah that’s right, I need to feed the kids too.  Luckily for me (or maybe not) I have a husband who travels 5.5 days out of 7 days per week.  Why is that lucky?  Because on those wondrous days when my kids ask for cereal for dinner–cereal is what they get, with a smile of course.  No time for guilt or being upset over cereal and milk…there are still more balls in the air.  Look up, one may be getting away.  I ofter ponder; does that make me a bad mother?  Am I placing my need to feel like a productive career woman in front of my kids needs to eat a healthy dinner each night?  Yet, as a mother, wife and corporate executive, I’ve asked myself that question many nights over a fast food dinner and I’ve asked it of others.  Somehow at the end of the night, as long as there is no blood there is no foul, the balls are still moving and we can check at least one or two things off our four page list of to-do’s.  We conceed and sleep as much as possible knowing that we will be master jugglers again tomorrow.  Important note, more balls have been added overnight.  Keep looking up.  I am a firm believer in the theory from the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  The men in the house may be the head, but we as wives and mothers are the neck.  Whether we are the head, the neck or both in our households, we keep our eyes on the balls as we juggle to keep it all in motion.  When you find it becomes a pain to you, allow yourself to rest because believe me when I tell you – the show must go on and we are the headline act.  Keep your head up, the balls are still in motion and your’re doing a great job.  We are master jugglers!


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