May 312012

When I see this invitation, the words conjure up so many different interpretations.  From defining beauty to sharing what that means for each individual.  What does this make you think about?

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May 312012

My career has been in sales.  I think that selling is fun!  I have the opportunity to meet and talk with a diverse group of individuals everyday, from all walks of life.  The best part is that during every interaction I learn something new!  People are fascinating – you never know what is going to happen.  That must be why we like to people watch! 

Over time, I realized that selling is a art and a science.  A technique or dance between the buyer and seller.  Now, the official definition of selling is offering to exchange something of value for something else.  It can be money, goods or services.  For the seller, you have to leverage a combination of persuasion, timing and effective communication (with a sprinkle of luck).  For the buyer, understanding your “needs” and how the you want them met is what drives the exchange.

 If the exchange between the buyer and seller is done correctly, everyone is happy and the needs are met for both parties.  I thought I would share with you my perspectives as a seller and buyer on how to make the exchange work for everyone. 

The Buyer

Conduct research on the product or service you want to purchase.  Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What is most important to me about the product?  For example, if your in the market for a new car, is space or fuel mileage most important.
  • How much do I want to spend?  This will set boundaries for the buyer and seller.  Only products that fit the price range are open for discussion.
  • What questions do I have for the salesperson?  This is critical for both parties.  The questions for the salesperson is really a test to see if you made the right buying decision and a check to see if there was something  missing from your research.


The Seller

  • Listen to the customer.  This act alone is the difference between a good and bad salesperson.  Answer and ask all questions based on what is being said by the buyer.
  • Clarify.  Restate what is being said by the buyer.  This ensures that you understand the buyer needs and what’s important.
  • Be the expert.  Once you know the buyers needs, communicate the product features and benefits.  The seller’s job is to tell the buyer something they didn’t already know. 


Now, go buy, buy and sell, sell.   Happy buying and selling!

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May 272012

On the eve of Memorial Day, we have to remember why we celebrate this holiday.  The proud men and women of the armed forces have sacrificed to give us our freedoms that we cherish everyday.  We recognize what they have given to our families.  Let’s give them the tribute they deserve. 

By the way, make sure you have a extra hot dog or hamburger at the barbeque for us (with extra ketchup, mustard and cheese please).

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May 272012

It’s comic strip time today.  On Sunday’s, that’s part of my ritual.  We all need a laugh to end and to start the new week.  The comics is the best part of the Sunday paper.  So, this week I focused on technology.  It’s fun to see how we have incorporated our computers, iPhones, iPads and social media into our everyday lives.  We can’t live without it.  I always have my phone with me, at all  times, and my computer (if not in my lap while watching TV) is not far away.  Funny how we have made it a necessity.  I think I’m laughing at myself with these two funnies.  Enjoy!


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